Support for secure communication over HTTP


apiUi uses OpenSSL version 1.0.2 for secure communication.
Since operating-systems currently often use a higher version of OpenSSL, the dynamic link libraries for version 1.0.2 are also in the downloads for apiUi/apiUiServer. If you do not copy the supplied dynamic link libraries along with the apiUi/apiUiServer binaries, secure communication may not be possible depending on the version of openssl installed on your system.

SSL / TLS supported versions

Supported versions are:

  • SSL Version 2
  • SSL Version 2.3
  • SSL Version 3
  • TLS Version 1
  • TLS Version 1.1
  • TLS Version 1.2

Location of certificates

Warning: AliasResolving ${alias} is NOT applied for filenames of certificates.
Either specify the path + filename or only the filename.
In case you only provide a filename, apiUi will search for the file in the OpenSsl Certificates folder.
The name for this folder is taken from the openSslCertificatesDefaultLocation parameter from the apiUi-inifile and can be overruled with the startup-parameter -–certsFolder.