about apiUi

Some history

apiUi is a follow-up of IpmGun and WsdlStub.
Development of IpmGun started back in 2009 when I was working on a Tandem platform and had challenges testing Cobol services. Messages sent to and from these services were called InterProcessMessages so that is where the name IpmGun comes from.

Later I started working with SoapXml so I more or less rebuilt IpmGun with the capability of working with SoapXml. Since SoapXml messages are (or should be) described in Wsdl's this program got the name WsdlStub.

IpmGun and WsdlStub were both built with Delphi(©) , WsdlStub was later ported to Lazarus.

And now there are API's.
In 2019 I added Swagger and OpenApi to WsdlStub and soon after I changed it's name from WsdlStub to apiUi. Where IpmGun was a testdriver and WsdlStub started as a stub, apiUi was both from the beginning.
And it still supports Cobol as well as SoapXml.

Over the years I added scripting capabilities, reports (e.g. schema compliance, regression and coverage) and made several enhancements to the editor. Latest additions are related to cloud applications of apiUi. For application in the cloud (in this documentation mostly referred to as remote server), I now offer apiUiServer which has the same functionality as apiUi except that it lacks an UI. With apiUi running on your desktop, you can view logs of apiUiServer and change behavior by pushing changes to that remote instance of apiUiServer.

Open source

Since November 2021 apiUi is open source software, find the project here on GitHub.

Used software

Building apiUi would not have been possible and so much fun without applying software from others.

Lazarus, an open-source, cross-platform IDE for Free Pascal
Free Pascal, an open-source, cross-platform Pascal compiler
Turbo Pascal Lex/Yacc Albert Graef
VirtualTrees Mike Lischke
delphistompclient Daniele Teti

Most of these products are now shipped together with Lazarus.

This documentation

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