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Trigger Abort by the apiUi menu option Run->Abort or click on the red-cross speed-button. Only enabled when at least one script is running. Clicking this button will cause all running scripts to stop as soon as possible. Note that 'sleeping' scripts will not stop before sleeping time is over.

Clean project

Get there by the apiUi menu option Project->Clean.
When editing messages you can include or exclude elements by simply checking/unchecking the checkbox just before the element name. A handy feature for experiments and ad-hoc testing. A disadvantage of having unchecked data elements is increased memory usage and size of project on disk. By cleaning your project these unchecked elements are removed from your design.

Adjusting apiUi View

Get there by the apiUi menu option View.
With the options of this menu you can choose to hide/unhide certain information panels and you can change the way the messages grid and the message treeview are positioned to each other.
apiUi 'remembers' how the display looked like when you last closed apiUi. On opening apiUi again it will restore panel sizes and column widths. Sometimes, when you open apiUi on a smaller screen than you closed it, the message treeview is hidden. A trick to unhide it is to change the direction of the split of the design panel twice.

apiUi Options

Get there by the apiUi menu option Extra->Options.
Options that can be changed from this form do not impact the working of your project, they only affect behaviour of apiUi as GUI and you can set some HTTP properties here.
Options are well explained on the Options form so no further description is offered here.

The General option CheckScriptAssignments should be among project options and will be removed from here in a next release{RFC}.